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Women Change Agents: Get Involved and Make an Impact

Clockwise from top left: Lynne Cutler, Linda Resnick, Sandee Mandel, Jenny Koleth

Women International Leaders of Greater Philadelphia (WIL) welcomed a unique panel discussion generated to guide and inspire global change agents. Over the years WIL Membership Program has attracted many inspiring long-term members, with the belief that every global issue that women face there is another woman with the ability to aid and alleviate those issues. It is with that initiative that WIL members have become some of the Philadelphia's most inspiring change agents for Global Women's Issues, creating and maintaining organizations whose work is recognized across continents.

Come and meet four incredible leaders who will share their stories of how inspiration became action in hopes of guiding the next generation of capable leaders.

Lynne Cutler

Lynne Cutler is Founder and President of the Women's Opportunities Resource Center (WORC), a nationally recognized Philadelphia-based non-profit organization helping women and their families become socially and economically self-sufficient.

Jenny Koleth

Jenny co-founded Profugo, a non-profit organization in Sustainable International Development in 2008. She currently serves as Profugo's Executive Director.

Sandra Mandel

Sandee formed Leah's Dream Inc., which provides scholarships to select young women in Northern Ghana so that they can continue their education through Senior High School.

Linda Resnick

Linda, an executive search specialist who was founder and President of CEO Resources, founded Women International Leaders (WIL) eleven year ago with Terri Gelberg and Bobbie Gohn.


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