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International adventures and interesting local trips further WIL’s mission of women empowering women

WIL Trips

The international trips take members to developing countries that have a Village Bank that WIL has financed or that have been awarded a project Empowerment Grant. The local / regional trips focus on U.S. historical and/or current women’s issues.

In the developing countries to which we travel, WIL members experience the way of life, culture and environment in which the women live. We meet with individuals and women’s groups that are dedicated to overcoming their systemic and daily challenges.

We listen to their stories of despair and success, share their sadness and joy, see and learn about what they’ve created and accomplished.

We visit with Village Banks and see the power that a small loan to start a business has to improve their lives, the lives of their families and sometimes their entire community.


We witness their skills, talents, ingenuity, resilience and strength, their optimism and hope for the future.

Inaugural WIL Travel Book Club Discussion


Travel, the feeling of being transported and learning about new cultures by following the footsteps of others. Whether near or far, through WIL, it’s learning about women exhibiting the courage to lift themselves and others into places they could only imagine.  


For WIL members, this experience just got easier!  The WIL Travel Committee is pleased to announce the WIL TRAVEL BOOK CLUB.  Meeting 3 times a year, the WIL TRAVEL BOOK CLUB will select a powerful, multi-cultural story that transports the reader into the lives of inspiring women. 


Our first selection is Love at the Border: An Adoption Memoir from Mexico by WIL’s own Anna Maria DiDio.  Love at the Border provides a rare look into the international adoption of an older child and speaks to all blended families as mother and daughter endeavor to bridge two worlds.

Date:    December 10, 2019

Time:   7-9pm

Special Event:  Meet the author! Anna Maria will join us for a reading and the discussion.

Cost:  $0 for WIL members and their guests

Click here to RSVP


Location:  in the City, to be communicated to RSVP attendees

Space is limited to ensure all attendees can participate.


Love at the Border:  An Adoption Memoir from Mexico is available on Amazon.com.  Check it out, and join our inaugural Book Club discussion.

Custom Kenya Safari with Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and WIL, Women International Leaders


February 14-23,  2020


This trip is now full.  What an amazing opportunity to visit LEWA Wildlife Conservancy and meet the Maasai women that our WIL village bank is helping to empower.  There will be game drives, community & village visits as well as behind the scenes activities at LEWA, which will include learning about their education programs, anti-poaching demonstrations, conservation and research and community health visits.  For more information, call Caroline Wischmann at 215-985-1032 or email at carolinewischmann@gmail.com. 


Please check back for information on future WIL travel programs.

All the WIL trips are wonderful bonding experiences for the members traveling together, sharing experiences and the emotions that accompany them.


They are special opportunities for our members to build closer personal and group relationships, deepening our ties to each other, our community, our values and our mission.

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