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Providing assistance to organizations empowering women in developing areas of the world and women in Philadelphia who are refugees and asylees.

Service is a vital part of WIL's mission

Our projects complement WIL’s financial support of organizations that invest in underserved women globally.  These diverse projects include mentoring, collection of basic goods, organizational support, and assistance making unique items that may be used in fundraising activities. Through hands-on work, WIL members share their wisdom and experience for the benefit of women locally and globally.


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Meet some of our mentees: Giftie Umo, Sarah Anene, Dorothy Kamoto and Lucy Nkwinika

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Girls Leading Africa.jpeg

Giftie Umo, Founder,

Girls Leading Africa

WIL Mentor: Meryle Melnicoff

GLA’s mission: “To equip girls with skills and educational support necessary for personal growth and community development, through after-school and vocational training programs”.

Giftie’s vision to build Nigeria's future female leaders is ongoing with mentoring and vocational skills training of teenage girls and young mothers in Akpap Okoyong, Nigeria.

Dorothy Kamoto.jpeg

Dorothy Kamoto, Cofounder and Executive Director,

Young and Empowered Malawi

WIL Mentor: Debbie Buchwald

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Crystal Lens logo.jpeg

Sarah Anene, Cofounder and

Executive Director

Crystal Lens Career Builders

WIL Mentor: Laurie Rosard

Crystal Lens Mission: to offer young people practical knowledge, equip them with essential skills and connect them to opportunities through which they can maximize their potential and build successful careers.

Lucy Nkwinika.jpeg

Lucy Nkwinika, Cofounder and Program Director,

Young and Empowered Malawi

WIL Mentor: Karen Roggeman

Young and Empowered Logo.jpg

Young and Empowered Malawi's mission is to provide high quality academic support, leadership training, mentorship, and economic opportunities to children and youth living in vulnerable communities.

Recent Service Projects

WIL members completed three projects to support their work to help communities improve the health of mothers and children: (1) sewing bento bags for items used in fund raising, (2) document translation and database support, and (3) establishment of a photo organizing system.

WIL members collected gently used clothing and goods for displaced Syrians in refugee camps.

WIL members collected and organized arts and crafts and needlework supplies for distribution to clients of their South Philadelphia clinic which serves the LatinX immigrant population in Philadelphia.

WIL members collected yogurt containers that were used in three successful fundraisers.   Sueños used the containers as planters for small succulents, which were sold at craft fairs.  The proceeds supported Sueños programs for indigenous children of street vendors in Guatemala.

To learn more: 

  • Contact Meryle Melnicoff for more information.

  • Download service criteria, deadlines and application here.

  • See recent service projects here.

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