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WIL Newsletters

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WIL Power News, 12/19/22: Have you signed up for the member party?

WIL Power News, 12/5/22: There's so much going on! See what's happening with WIL

WIL Power News, 11/21/22: Come out to our Pop-up Event!

WIL Power News, 11/7/22: Sign up to travel to Puerto Rico | Grant cycle has started

WIL Power News, 10/24/22: Interested in traveling to Puerto Rico with WIL this spring? Don't miss our program tomorrow!

WIL Power News, 10/10/22: Travel with WIL during our first Book Club event!

WIL Power News, 9/26/22: Our first program is just 3 days away!

WIL Power News, 9/12/22: We're back and running!

WIL Power News, 5/23/22: A New Service Opportunity 

WIL Power News, 5/9/22: It's Time To Party!!!

WIL Power News, 4/11/22: Annual Appeal and Updates - We're busy!

WIL Power News, 3/28/22: Join us Tonight! There's still time to register for the Grants Program 

WIL Power News, 3/14/22:  Grants Program, Annual Appeal and More!

WIL Power News, 2/28/22: Big Microfinance program and more!


WIL Power News, 02/14/22: Welcome to the first issue of WIL Power News!

WIL Newsletter, 02/20: Future of Microfinance – Trends and Challenges Addressed at European Microfinance Week

WIL Newsletter, 11/19: WIL Welcomes New Members

WIL Newsletter, 8/19: WIL Strategic Plan Takes Shape

WIL Newsletter, 4/19: WIL in New York City at NGO Commission on the Status of Women

WIL Newsletter, 1/19: Second WIL Welcome Basket Project with HIAS Pennsylvania

WIL Watch, 12/18: WIL Members Return from Bolivia

WIL Newsletter 8/18: My WIL Story

WIL Watch 4/18: 2018 Women’s Global Empowerment Award

WIL Watch 2/18: Empowerment Grant Committee Exceeds Grant Application Goal

WIL Watch 12/17: Exciting January and February Programs

WIL Newsletter 11/17: Village Bank goes to Uttar District in West Bengal

WIL Newsletter 6/17: Power of 10 Campaign Exceeds Goal 

WIL Newsletter 3/17: WIL Targets India for the Next Village Bank

WIL Newsletter 11/16: 400 Women Get WIL Support

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