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The Force Behind Global Force for Healing

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Kay Sandberg is the founder and executive director of Global Force for Healing, an organization which focuses on ensuring access to high quality, affordable care and education around childbirth choices in underserved global communities where healthcare is extremely limited or absent altogether. More than 800 women and 7,000 newborns die daily from pregnancy and childbirth-related complications almost exclusively within income-poor countries; 90% of these incidents are preventable. Global Force for Healing maximizes the impact of grassroots, community-based partners providing women's healthcare and educational services about pregnancy, childbirth and sexual and reproductive health by dramatic reduction of maternal & infant mortality in all settings; training thousands of birth workers in compassionate women-centered care; expanding the number of midwifery-based community birth centers run by local staff; improving community access to family planning, clean water & sanitation, reduction in teen pregnancies, and prevention of HIV transmission; and empowering local leadership of education for women and girls.

Watch the recording of this October 20, 2021 program here.


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