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Our Mission

Our Mission

Women International Leaders invest in underserved women globally who take the lead in becoming self-sufficient, elevating their families and communities

Our Vision

WIL envisions a world where all women achieve a secure and sustainable future.

We accomplish our mission by providing:


Microfinance funding and support services for the lowest-income women to start and grow their businesses. Microloans provide economic power not readily available to women in under-resourced areas of the world. With a WIL loan, women are able to build a livelihood that can sustain their families.


Grants to grass-roots nonprofit and NGOs that serve vulnerable women and girls in countries where poverty is a way of life. By focusing on women’s education, health, social/political leadership and self-sufficiency projects, WIL provides a path to a more secure future.


Educational programs that focus on women’s economic, health or political issues ensuring that WIL members are aware of the complex issues affecting global poverty. When we communicate a woman’s story and the issues relevant to her survival, we are spreading the word and the compassionate belief about what will make a difference in her life. 


Travel opportunities that help with our understanding of the difficulties faced by women in these communities. WIL brings the travel experience closer to all WIL members through international and local travel, literature and film, enhancing understanding of what contributes to disparities in income and opportunity.


Service projects that complements WIL’s financial support including diverse efforts such as mentoring, nonprofit board development, the collection of basic goods and the production of goods for sale. With hands-on work WIL members share wisdom and experience for the benefit of women locally and globally.

The WIL Story


WIL was founded in 2007 by Linda Resnick, Bobbie Gohn and Terri Gelberg, who shared a passion for women’s empowerment and making a difference in people’s lives. WIL has grown–we are now a wide-reaching, diverse group of women leaders in business, academia and other professions in the Philadelphia area, focused on improving the status of women globally. We share a vision that women and their families around the world will one day become safe, healthy, self-supporting and educated leaders in their own communities.

Our focus

  • Offer programs that educate our members on international women’s issues

  • Provide microfinance loans to women worldwide through village banks

  • Identify and promote small, grassroots women's organizations and provide grants to support their work

  • Take educational and service trips to destinations where we have funded village banks

  • Provide service projects to groups that support Philadelphia’s refugee community and organizations that fund international women’s services.

Our Impact

  • WIL has improved the lives of thousands of women worldwide

  • WIL has now funded 20 village banks in 16 countries

  • We have supported over 50 education, health, economic, and social development projects by grass roots organizations in more than 20 countries to empower girls and women around the world.

  • WIL sponsors a yearly grant program to further the work of respected International NGOs focused on contributing to women’s empowerment

WIL's Story
The WIL Story
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WIL Leadership

WIL Leadership

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WIL Governing Board and Committee Chairs
2022-2023 Program Year

To view the 2021-22 WIL Annual Report, click here.




Renee Brandon

Immediate Past President 

Anna Maria DiDio


Mary Osbakken


Terri Gelberg

Advisory Council

Nancy Alter

Carolyn Fendelman

Lori Greenawalt
Adele Lindenmeyr
Margaret Sadler
Bryna Scott

Anne VanLent

Caroline Wischmann

Committee Chairs

Fund Development

Renee Brandon

Programs - Education

Debbie Fleischman

Marketing and Development

Karen Roggeman


Judy Kornfeld



 Mary Kahn

Empowerment Grants

Beth Cohen


Adrienne Mendell

Carole Cohn


Meryle Melnicoff



Terri Gelberg, Linda Resnick

Past Presidents

Anna Maria DiDio,Nancy Alter, Loretta Raider, Linda Resnick, Caroline Wischmann

Annual Report
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