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Health Care Emergency: The Urgent Push for Access to Medicines in Malawi, Feb 8 | 1-2 pm

This is a virtual program on Zoom

Date: Feb 8 | Time: 1-2 pm

Join the WIL Service Committee for a Lunch & Learn session with Yonina Fleischman from Teva Pharmaceuticals. It is estimated that up to 90 percent of children diagnosed with cancer in Sub-Saharan Africa die. Recently, Teva Pharmaceuticals has initiated a partnership with Global HOP and Direct Relief to supply medicines used to treat cancer in Malawi, one of the world's poorest countries. Teva's access strategic donation and social business programs are largely geared specifically toward vulnerable populations with unmet need in low and middle income countries, who experience financial affordability or physical access barriers.

Yonina Fleischman holds the position of ESG Access to Medicines Lead at Teva Pharmaceuticals. In her role, she leads Teva Access, a key component of Teva's ESG strategy, whose mission is to bring sustainable solutions that expand access to Teva's broad portfolio of medicines to improve the health of patients in need throughout the world. Yonina will discuss Teva's flagship access program, which focuses on pediatric cancer in five African countries. She will focus on how barriers to access affect women, children, families and communities - and how access programs can help address some of these barriers.


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