Self-Sufficiency for New Americans – the WORC Experience

January 12, 2016

The WIL January 12, 2016 program featured different aspects of the WIL Service Committee Activities.

New applicants for 2016 WIL Service presented posters describing their organizations and requests for service. WIL members voted for the organization(s) they think best address(es) WIL’s goals and mission.

The main program featured Hani White from Women’s Opportunity Resources Center (WORC), one of the 2014-2015 poster winners who received service throughout 2014-2015. Hani, who was recently appointed as Philadelphia’s deputy director of the office of immigrant affairs and services, presented her experiences with women immigrants, refugees and aslyees in a talk titled “A Pathway to Self-Sufficiency for New Americans – the WORC Experience.”