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Panama Canal Virtual Travel

Note: This event has been postponed. It will b rescheduled and announced on the home page

Have you visited the Panama Canal? ... join a WIL Book Club virtual travel experience

Panama, a country, with the construction of its infamous Canal, connected the world...shortening travel between the Atlantic and Pacific. The United States took over the construction project in 1904 and opened the canal on August 15, 1914. It continued to control the canal and surrounding Panama Canal Zone until 1977 when then President Jimmy Carter signed a treaty and handed it over to Panama. But what of the life of the families living in the Canal Zone?

In 1964, Edwin and Jean Armbruster left their home in the United States to raise their family on the Panama Canal Zone, a little known American territory in the Central American country of Panama. In Canal Zone Daughter Judy (Armbruster) Haisten tells her unique childhood story, culminating in the crushing loss when former President Carter signs treaties that effectively eliminates her, and fellow U.S. citizens', former home.

Join your WIL virtual travel buddies as we take a unique adventure into a remarkable American story, in an exotic place and time. Let’s virtually visit the Canal Zone in Panama together.

Location: ZOOM Video Link, to be sent to RSVP “YES” attendees a day before the discussion.

Space is limited to ensure all attendees can participate in the discussion.

You can find Canal Zone Daughter in electronic or hardcopy at: Amazon Books, and hardcopy through Barnes and Noble, Thrift Books and alibris.


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