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Using as front end for donations

Nancy - this gives you an idea of how using DonorBox as a front end to donations might look.  Every section of this form is customizable. I have added more features than you would probably use...but I think the Choose Amount column is a very nice feature that could lead to more donations. I also think that encouraging comments is helpful for fundraising. (this is an option that I did not turn on for this example.) Also, the integration of social media is a very good idea. 

To get a good idea of the power of the form, enter a donation, choose where you want the money to go, and click NEXT. You can control how much info you get on the other form pages. One nice feature is that donors can immediately get on your mailing list on the 2nd page of the form.


You don't even need to have the right column. This gives you a smaller form to put on pages other than the Donate page. These smaller forms can be customized and placed on any page on the site. I have  created an example at the bottom of this page - this could be done on the Microfinance, Empowerment Grant page, etc. (Currently those pages contain links to the Donate page) 

Note that you can minimize the form even more by not including the suggested donations and what they can pay for...

Another thing: when you use donorbox, you will get a separate link to the form. You can use this link in any communication: e-mail, facebook, twitter, etc...and everyone will donate via the form even if they're not on the web site. There is an example below

You can also have the form pop-up after clicking on a custom button. Again, I have included an example below.

And another big plus: the screen on a mobile phone will look like a phone app ... significantly better than the current donate page.

Read all about donorbox  including pricing, examples, testimonials...(and there are a lot of them ... I have come across many sites that use it...)


Check out the best practices for donation pages here.

Automatically created donate button

Embed a smaller form on separate pages

Each page can have a different form...emphasizing that page's theme (e.g. empowerment grants)